By concentrating on delivery, at Trafalgar Square we carefully guide our clients through the entire mortgage process working on your behalf to make sure you are well informed at every stage of an application – from any mandatory FCA requirements*, to exclusive deals we may have access to, right through to completion.


*Applies to Prime Residential mortgages only



The UK residential mortgage market is a minefield of lender choices and is constantly changing. The individual product choices vary depending on the size of an applicant’s deposit, the term (borrowing period) of the mortgage and the applicant’s age and financial status.

In addition to the lender product choices, there are a variety of interest payment vehicles, such as fixed, tracker, discount, etc, as well as capital and repayment methods.  The result for the applicant can be a large and rather confusing set of options.

Trafalgar Square works with you to understand your financial goals, identifying long and short-term needs, and rationalising the costs as well as your rate and repayment requirements.  With this information a realistic set of options can be discussed, pinpointing an ideal lender and mortgage solution.

Residential mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such Trafalgar Square is obliged to make each client aware of all the FCA’s mandatory information.  The company is also required by the FCA to produce full illustrations of each client’s financial status.


The middle ground between the residential mortgage market and commercial finance is predominantly occupied by the Buy-To-Let sector.  This niche market is complex and complicated with its continually changing lender criteria.  Since the buy-to-let market started, Trafalgar Square has positioned itself as being solutions focussed for its landlords.

The Buy-To-Let market is steadily evolving and becoming more sophisticated, with lenders implementing changes all the time.  Investors and landlords need to remain regularly updated with the market adjustments.

Trafalgar Square ensures that your investment strategies fits your needs by matching you to the appropriate products and lenders.  By working with you to understand business goals, we provide valuable advice and support that enhances portfolio development, portfolio cashflow and long-term plans.

Income or capital growth requirements will, by definition, involve differing application approaches to lenders.


At Trafalgar Square we have access to high street commercial banks and also the specialist commercial lending sector. We are able to guide you through the whole process of purchasing either a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), semi commercial investment property, commercial investment property or even if you are looking for finance for your personal trading business.

The commercial lending sector is a specialist lending area and at Trafalgar Square we have extensive experience and can guide you through the process and ensure the commercial mortgage works for you and the investment strategy of the property.

We are also able to arrange refinancing of existing commercial properties to release funds for further property investment.



Property as an asset class within any investment portfolio always has its place, whether as part of a free investment portfolio or a pension portfolio.

Trafalgar Square can advise you on where property investment can be purchased for capital growth or income, and then work to match purchase requirements to the lending options available.


Where there is a first charge (the main loan or mortgage) on a property, and it is disadvantageous to move lenders or take a Further Advance, a Secured Loan can be added.  Secured Loans can be taken up to 85% of the value of a property.  A disadvantage is that they are generally structured on a capital & repayment basis over a 5 to 25 year period.

Trafalgar Square can advise on all secured-lending circumstances and arrange appropriately.


As a property portfolio evolves, capital growth or forced appreciation by development may create an opportunity to extract equity via analysis.  Trafalgar Square will work closely with you to identify the most effective way to do this, based on flexibility, timing and cost.

In some situations, the portfolio analysis should be undertaken with some future flexibility in mind.  Trafalgar Square works with you on portfolio planning and also preparing you for auction purchase strategies.


Trafalgar Square can set up protection in single or joint names to cover the eventuality of Death or Critical Illness. This can be structured to be Level Cover over the term of the mortgage (where it is an interest only mortgage and payments remain the same each month) or Mortgage Protection (where the mortgage is capital & repayment and match the decreasing mortgage payments over the term of the mortgage). There are also other types of cover that can be examined and provided to deal with prolonged periods of illness.


Trafalgar Square can place Buildings and Contents Insurance using a variety of lenders depending your requirement for cover.  In addition to this we can establish a variety of other landlord protection and insurances.


There are occasions where, for a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to provide temporary Bridging Finance over a short period.  Trafalgar Square works directly with a partner company, Secure the Bridge to create effective bridging solutions for clients.  We also have access to every other bridging provider in the UK.


Trafalgar Square works with you to find lenders for all new-build or refurbishment property applications.  Individuals are either building a brand new property or completely refurbishing an existing one.  Self-build mortgages are available for owner occupation or Trafalgar Square can arrange development finance for business ventures.


Trafalgar Square normally places its business direct to lenders, and as an independent mortgage broker is therefore allowed to use any lender in the UK.


We charge fees for administration and consultancy which cover various activities carried out by Trafalgar Square on your behalf.


From mortgage application to offer stage normally takes an administration time of 8 to 12 hours, irrespective of the loan size. Fees are charged in two ways:


In the form of an Administration Fee of £499.00. This is due for payment on the submission of an applicant to a lender by Trafalgar Square. For specialist, ex-pat and commercial mortgages we will charge a fee of between £499.00 and 1% of the loan amount, agreed upfront with your individual Broker.


In the form of a Completion Fee. This is paid to Trafalgar Square by the lender upon completion of any mortgage, remortgage or loan. This fee is always built into the product cost by the lender.

Both types of fee are paid to Trafalgar Square and pre-agreed prior to the commencement of any work being carried out for our clients. All the fees are brought to your attention prior to any application. The Administration Fee protects you from lender-fee bias.

Services covered in the standard fees:

  1. Initial mortgage review and Fact Find; face-to-face or telephone meeting.
  2. Discussion of mortgage strategy options.
  3. Research across the whole market to match needs with products available.
  4. Preparation of research options.
  5. Issue of key facts illustrations.
  6. Application submission to the lender on-line or via paper application.
  7. Organisation of general insurance requirements where required.
  8. Collation of required documentation for the lender.
  9. Communication with vendor or estate agents as instructed.
  10. Regular communication with clients throughout the application process.
  11. Communication with lender’s underwriters for production of the offer.
  12. Check of offer details.
  13. Guidance to exchange of contracts.
  14. Liaison with estate agents and solicitors to organise completion.
  15. Liaison with solicitor to fulfil all lender’s conditions.

Additional services:

  1. Organisation of solicitor’s instruction where required. Please be aware that we have a series of legal firms on our panel and that we may be paid a marketing fee for introductions by them. Please ask your Broker for full details.
  2. Organisation of a survey
  3. Analysis of the survey report.


Terms & Conditions

This document contains information regarding our fees, services and client agreement.

Privacy Notice

This document contains our Privacy Notice, last updated 25 May 2018.


Let our experienced team at Trafalgar Square identify how best to help you and ensure you get the best product for your situation.

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