Trafalgar Square Financial Planning Consultants is a truly independent advice-based mortgage brokerage which means we have access to every single lender in the UK.


Established in 1998, our guiding principle is to break the mould of institutional-style selling and advice by operating a new, non-aligned mortgage business, client-centred and based in a very major way on service.


Our experienced team of Brokers and Case Processors respond quickly, yet also take time to understand our clients, and identify each individuals’ needs.


Trafalgar Square takes great care to match each client’s requirements to specific products, explaining clearly all the options whilst drawing on our access to the whole lender market place.


We earn fees by working hard to achieve successful applications for our clients, with the minimum amount of stress.


Trafalgar Square also prides itself on stripping out the time-consuming and impersonal bureaucracy that can be associated with large institutions, cutting through the red tape and eliminating the strain of dealing with call centres and a succession of different case managers.


Trafalgar Square’s business is based on personal service at both Broker and Case Processor level, from initial contact, strategy planning, through to the completion of a mortgage.


Regardless of how a client contacts Trafalgar Square, you will always receive a swift response from one of the Brokers who will always call you back! It will be explained how best to proceed and what information is needed to help smooth the passage of an application.


Whether applying for a Residential*, Buy-to-Let or Commercial mortgage, an experienced member of the team will ensure that you are familiar with all of the necessary regulatory documents, such as Key Facts**. If more information is required, time will be taken to explain how and why this information will be used.


Fact Find
Clients complete a Fact Find document, in order for the brokers to begin the product search. You can use the button below to begin your Fact Find online now.


Product Search
Once we receive a completed Fact Find, an extensive product search is made. We have access to the whole of the market and so we can assess all the options available to you.


Discuss Results
The results of the product search are then discussed with you to clarify the different options for rates, fees, loan to value and speed.


Select Product
Your broker will work with you to help you to choose the mortgage product and the lender, that are appropriate to your personal circumstances.


Submit Application
Your broker will submit the appropriate application forms to the selected lender.


Update & Guide
A dedicated Case Processor will then be allocated and they will keep you updated with the progress of your application, guiding you through all the stages to completion.

*Authorised under the FCA
**Key Facts & IDD are mandatory requirements by the FCA


Residential mortgages

Residential mortgages

Individual product choices vary depending on the size of an applicant’s deposit, the term of the mortgage & applicant’s age and financial status

Bridging finance

Bridging finance

We work directly with a partner company, Secure the Bridge, to create effective bridging solutions for clients

Buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-let mortgages

This niche market is compex & complicated with its continually changing lender criteria. We are focussed on solutions for landlords

Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis

Let’s work closely to identify the most effective way to create an opportunity to extract equity via analysis with future flexibility in mind

Commercial mortgages

Commercial mortgages

The commercial lending sector is a specialist lending area and we have extensive experience to guide you through the process

Secured lending

Secured lending

A secured loan can be taken up to 85% of the value of a property. We can advise on all secured -lending circumstances and arrange appropriately


In answer to the questions “What parts of our service were you particularly pleased with?” and “Is there anything specific you believe we should do to improve our service?” clients said:


Let our experienced team at Trafalgar Square identify how best to help you and ensure you get the best product for your situation